Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Opinion on Homosexuality and Gay Marriage

I usually keep quiet on political issues.  I do this for several reasons.  The most important reason is I just don’t like political debate and I tend to have intolerance for those with differing political views.  The secondary reason is what I do for a living:  it is important to keep neutral so that people will feel comfortable, either in a therapy session or in our retail store, no matter what their beliefs , lifestyle or sins happen to be. 
However, I can no longer keep quiet.  What my opinions are may not be popular in Oklahoma and beyond.  Those who know me well, however, know that I am not known for saying what’s popular or for keeping my opinions to myself. 
If I thought that I ever benefitted from someone believing that I agreed with their beliefs that potentially discriminate against people whom I hold near and dear, I could not live with myself.  So, here are my opinions about homosexuality, gay marriage and businesses that publicly espouse ideas that feed hatred and discrimination. 
First of all, if you are against gay marriage, then I suggest you do not marry a gay person.  I see no reason to take that much of a stand on the issue, except to say, I can’t imagine an argument against a loving committed partner in a relationship being entitled to the legal status that comes with being married.  I invite anyone to tell me how this could affect me negatively. 
I do support freedom of speech.  When that freedom invites others to be divisive, hateful and promote discrimination, then I will not support the business that espouses that hate. 
I am a Christian, though at times I question whether Christian beliefs fit with my view of the world.  I am no Bible scholar, so I offer the article by someone who is.  “What the New Testament Says about Homosexuality”  Read if you care to, I believe it offers a learned opinion on the subject. 
I believe being a Christian means being loving and kind, even to those who have beliefs that differ from mine.  I believe it means supporting others who are loving and kind.  In my opinion, gay marriage supports this. 
If you believe that gay people are diabolical and evil, then you do not know the gay couples that I know, some of whom are the best parents I’ve ever encountered.  That may not have given birth to those children, but they do something, that in some ways is nobler, they are foster parents and adoptive parents to children whose birth parents have abused, abandoned or given up on them.  If you believe that gay people need God’s intervention, then pray for them.  Ask for God’s will to be done and then leave it in God’s hands.  That is what I will do for those who promote hatred of any of God’s children.