Monday, August 7, 2017

Moving to the Country

We are buying a house and eight acres in the country!  Yes, I have lived in the country before, but never quite like this.  Over two miles down a dirt road (yes, I know it's mostly gravel, but we still call them dirt roads.)  Every day I want to leave my house that's about five miles driving on a dirt road, to get anywhere!  WHEH!  What was I thinking. 

I was thinking about the peace and tranquility, land that is mine, chickens to have, goats to have, endless garden space, wild blackberries, space to roam.  I am thinking I'm getting back to my roots, back to my tribe and I will love it. 

Five miles of dirt roads always stopped me before.  But today, in order to get something affordable, where I can have time to actually spend on my property, this is what I can have.  This is what I want, this is my destiny.  We have a lot of work to do, but we have a plan and we believe we are up for the challenge!!

These are the quick pictures I took as we were doing our final tour of the house.  I promise some better pictures as our journey unfolds.  I would love to hear about your farming adventures, changes in lifestyle and how you've found peace and tranquility. 

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